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Great ESL test practice and grade 6 activities for intermediate to advanced students. If you are getting ready for English tests, this is the place to be. You can learn about a variety of topics including Greetings in English, Leave takings, Saying Thank you, and many more. You can follow our free teaching lessons that are filled with pictures and examples. Once you have learned a little bit about the topic you can try our interactive games that relate to what’s being taught. Then try a challenging quiz to see how much you have learned.

grade 6 practice test gameshow

Grade 6 Practice Test Gameshow | Test 1 Q.1-10

grade 6 test airplane game

Grade 6 Test Airplane Game | 11-20 | Airplane Game

greetings in English

Greetings in English and Leave Takings | Fun ESL Lesson and Game

Idioms for ESL students

Idioms for ESL students | 30 Common Idioms with Bright Pictures and Examples

so too either neither quiz

So Too Either Neither | Exciting ESL Lesson, Exercise, Quiz and Game

thanking and replying to thanks

Thanking and Replying to Thanks | Great English ESL Lesson

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