October 2020

red for English learning

Red, Yellow and Blue Drag and Drop Game

Students must drag the words to the correct colors in this red, yellow and blue drag and drop game. There are many different colored presents scattered across the page. Great for beginners for English learning.

black cat colours matching game

Colors Matching ESL Game 2

Check out this fun and interactive colours matching ESL game. This is suitable for beginners and intermediate learners. Students have to match a colour word to a picture. The colours are pink, black, white, brown, gold and grey.

Colors Matching Game

Check out this colours matching game. It’s great for beginner English learners or intermediate students that just want to have some fun.

halloween drag and drop witch

Halloween Drag and Drop

Check out this Halloween drag and drop interactive game. Students must drag the word to the matching picture. Students will learn about candy, witch, bats, mummy, pumpkin and ghost. More Halloween fun for English learning from Sanook English. Did you know Sanook means fun in Thai?


Learn about intonation. What is intonation? Some say it is the music of language. It is the sound of our voice as it rises or falls. Check out this slide show to see when sentences rise and when sentences fall.

halloween drag and drop witch

Halloween Vocab Game

Check out this interactive Halloween game. Students must match the Halloween vocabulary words with the photos. Students will be engaged while having fun with this Halloween activity. The interactive Halloween vocab includes: witch, mummy, ghost, pumpkin, candy and more. We want students to have fun while learning. Enjoy.

halloween drag and drop witch

Halloween Matching Game

Try your best to match all the Halloween images like ghosts, witches, candy, pumpkins and more. Another fun and interactive English learning game online from Sanook English.