April 2021

ESL airplane game

Places ESL Airplane Game

ESL students and ESL teachers will love this airplane game as they learn all about places. English learners must fly the plane into clouds with the correct places.

ESL drag and drop

Places Reading Drag and Drop Activity

ESL teachers and ESL students will enjoy this places reading comprehension drag and drop activity. Firstly, English learners must read and understand. Secondly, they must drag the places and drop them into the correct boxes. Finally, students will learn and be engaged at the same time.

ESL whack a mole game

Long A Words Whack a Mole Game

ESL students can learn all about Long A words with this whack a mole game. If a long A word pops up, students must hit it. But don’t hit the words that aren’t long A.

ESL airplane game

Long A Words Airplane Game

This Airplane game is great for ESL students to practice their Long A words. English learners must fly an airplane into clouds with the correct long A words. We designed this for students to have fun and learn at the same time.

gameshow ESL learning

Long A Gameshow Quiz

ESL students and ESL teachers will love this Long A gameshow quiz. They must race against the clock. There are bonus rounds too.