Daily Routines Exercises | 8 Free ESL Activities

ESL teachers and ESL students will love the daily routines exercises. There are different types of resources. We have designed it to have a variety of videos, slideshows, games and interactives.

ESL balloon pop game

Daily Routines Balloon Game

Daily Routines Balloon pop game for ESL teachers and ESL students

ESL drag and drop

Daily Routines Drag and Drop

Daily Routines Exercises Drag and Drop activity for ESL learning

Interactive ESL video

Daily Routines Interactive Video

Daily Routines Interactive Video for ESL students and ESL teachers

Interactive ESL video

Daily Routines Interactive Video 2

Daily Routines Interactive Video Part 2 for ESL teachers and ESL students

ESL maze game

Daily Routines Maze Game

Daily Routines Maze Chase Game for ESL learning

free and fun interactive games online

Daily Routines Video

Daily Routines Video for ESL students and ESL teachers

daily routines exercises

Daily Routines Video 2

Daily Routines Video Part 2 for ESL teachers and ESL students

interactive chores PPT presentation

Interactive Chores PPT Presentation

Interactive Chores PPT presentation for ESL learning

Daily Routines Exercises | What are Daily Routines?

Daily routines are things we do every day like brush our teeth, take a shower or eat breakfast. Most people have a routine that they follow. Some people wake up, take a shower, brush their hair and then go for a walk. Other people get up, brush their teeth, drink orange juice and eat breakfast.

Daily Routines Exercises | Daily Routines Examples

Here we will look at some common daily routine examples.

daily routines exercises wake up

Wake up or Get up is usually the first thing you do in the morning.

daily routines exercises brush your teeth

You should brush your teeth at least twice a day so your teeth are clean.

daily routines exercises take a shower

You usually take a shower in the morning to clean your face and body.

Some people comb their hair and some people brush their hair so it looks neat.

You shave (cut your hair with a razor) your beard, moustache or legs.

You put on make up (lipstick, eyeliner, etc.) to make your face look pretty.

You get dressed (put on clothes) by putting on a shirt, dress, shorts, etc.

You eat breakfast in the morning, usually things like pancakes, cereal, eggs, etc.

If you are a student, you go to school during the week.

If you have a job, you have to go to work.

Daily Routines Exercises

We have a wide variety of daily routines exercises. Firstly, we have two different daily routines videos. Each video has 10 routines so you can learn about 20 daily routines. Secondly, we have two interactive videos to go with our daily routines videos. These interactive videos are sure to keep students engaged. We also have a challenging drag and drop activity. You must choose the correct daily routine from the word bank and drag it into the correct spot.

There’s also an exciting maze chase game to learn about daily routines. The maze chase game is similar to Pacman. It’s always a favorite with the students. We also have a balloon pop game. It’s a great game to re-enforce what you have taught or learned about daily routines. There’s also a household chores PPT presentation that shows some daily routines that we do as chores around the house.

Daily Routines Exercises | Helpful Links

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