Pre Level 1 – Learn English Phonics for Kids K-1. Sounds of the letters A-Z. Phonics Videos and Interactive Games.

Learn English Phonics for Kids course is FREE (no Login required). This course is designed for students that are learning the sounds of the letters A-Z. It’s also great for students that need to practice the sounds, to strengthen what they already know. This course is divided into 2 lessons: 1. Phonics Videos. 2. Phonics Interactive Games. If a students struggles with reading, this might be a good place to start.

Why take this course?

Firstly, this course is FREE. It’s completely free. You don’t even need to login to enjoy it. Secondly, there are lots of fun videos to learn or reinforce phonics. Our videos are short and to the point, mostly about 1 minute. Thirdly, there are lots of fun interactive games too. Great activities to keep young learners engaged.

Learn English Phonics for Kids with Videos

Students can watch our series of Phonics videos. In each video students will learn the difference between Big and Small letters. Students will also learn the difference between the letter and the sound of the letter. This is important when it comes to reading, sounding out the letters, not just memorizing words.

Learn English Phonics with Interactive Games for Kids

Young learners will be engaged with an assortment of interactive games. Students will love memory games, matching games, drag and drop activities, interactive videos and more.

Gamification for English learning

At Sanook English we believe that gamification is a huge part of learning. Education has changed a lot in the last 10 or 20 years. Being educators for the past 20 years, we believe at Sanook English that we’ve figured what works and what doesn’t. It’s harder to get students engaged. Student’s attention spans are shorter. Students become passive in a teacher centered classroom. In other words, we believe that interactive games and activities can help. Interactive gamification engages students. That’s why we’ve included so many in our lessons. In short, students will learn more, if they are engaged.

Phonics Videos

Phonics Interactive Games

Check out the Free Level 1 Course here.

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Check out our YouTube phonics videos here:

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