August 2021

esl clothes vocabulary video

ESL Clothes Vocabulary Video | Part 2

This ESL clothes vocabulary video is great for beginners and intermediate students. ESL Clothes Vocabulary Video on YouTube You can check out our YouTube channel here: Here’s our Pinterest page: Check out more about our ESL games here: ESL Games Here are more ESL Clothes Activities:

homophones esl game video

Homophones ESL Game Video

This video has a homophones ESL game inside it. It’s great for ESL students and English teachers. Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings like hear and here.

esl body parts gameshow

ESL Body Parts Gameshow

ESL students and teachers will love this ESL body parts gameshow. You can check out more body parts activities here. Be sure to check out our Pinterest page:

esl body parts game video

ESL Body Parts Game | Video | Part 2

ESL students will love this Body Parts Game inside a video. There is a point system, so students, parents or teachers can keep track and see what the score is at the end. 30 points is the highest and that makes you a genius.