Level 1 – FREE ESL Learning for Beginners K-2. Animals, Pronouns and Present Simple.

Level 1 is a free ESL learning for beginners course (no Login required). Why take this course? Firstly, each course is designed to strengthen student’s listening, speaking, reading and writing. Secondly, each course is divided into 3 lessons: 1. Vocabulary. 2. Phonics and Spelling. 3. Grammar Games and Videos. Thirdly, within each lesson is a wide variety of interactive games and activities. This course covers: Farm Animals, Wild Animals, Sea Animals, the phonics sounds of the letters, pronouns (I, she, he, we, they, it, you), present simple and a sample of O-Net practice questions.

Farm Animals – Great Free ESL Learning for Beginners Activities

If you check out this free ESL learning for beginners course, students will learn more about farm animals with more of our fun and interactive games online. We have many free ESL resources. Great for English learners of all ages. Great for students in Thailand and everywhere. And great for Prathom 6 students in Thailand studying for the P6 English O-Net tests. At Sanook English we believe that students learn better when they are enjoying it. That’s why we have created so many fun and interactive games which are sure to engage learners.

Wild Animals – ESL Beginners can learn with Interactive Games

Check out our course on Wild Animals like lions, zebras, giraffes, hippos, rhinos, bears and more. We look at Wild Animal vocabulary, spelling, phonics, and we have a variety of grammar games. We even look at the differences between turtles and tortoises. There are lots of fun and interactive activities and games like the Wild Animal Matching game, branching scenario, slideshows, drag and drop.

Why we create Free ESL Learning for Beginners Lessons

Our aim is to make English learning fun through interactive games and activities. At Sanook English we feel that the more students are engaged and enjoying themselves, the more they will learn. Firstly, this course is great for beginner and intermediate ESL students. Secondly, this FREE ESL learning for beginners course is fun. Finally, it’s great for people who are curious about Wild Animals. We hope you have fun.

Sea Animals – English Learning Made Fun for Kids

Students will learn about many different sea animals using interactive games like matching and memory games, word searches, slideshows, spelling activities, phonics activities, interactive videos and more.

Vocabulary Games

Phonics and Spelling

Grammar Games and Videos

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