English Courses

These leveled English courses are great for ESL students. They contain all kinds of learning videos, interactive games and fun presentations.

Learn English phonics for kids Course level 1

01. Pre Level 1 – Learn English Phonics for Kids K-1. Sounds of the letters A-Z. Phonics Videos and Interactive Games.

Level 1 ESL Course

02. Level 1 – FREE ESL Learning for Beginners K-2. Animals, Pronouns and Present Simple.

level 2 ESL course

03. Level 2 – Interactive ESL Course K-3 – Colors, Classroom, Food, Present Continuous, Short Vowels

level 3 ESL course

04. Level 3 – ESL Course for English Learners K-3 – Fruit, Vegetables, Short Vowels, Weather, Plurals, Prefix-un

level 4 esl course

05. Level 4 – ESL Asynchronous Learning Course for K-4 – Days, Months, Desserts, Short and Long Vowels, Suffixes

level 5 esl course

06. Level 5 – ESL English Online Learning Course for K-4 – Shapes, Numbers, Feelings, Long Vowels

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