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Learn with our Free Alphabet Printables. Your students will love our beautiful ABC worksheets. And teachers will love 100 pages of Free printables. We use the SATPIN phonics system as we think it helps with early reading. Even if you prefer to teach the ABCs in order, it’s very easy with this Ebook. Each letter has 3 different and fun worksheets. Your students will love the tracing and coloring.

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You can practice the sounds of the letters with these alphabet printables. There are different vocabulary words where students can practice the sounds of the alphabet.

These worksheets are great for tracing as well. Not just the letter, but the vocabulary words too. Of course, the students will love coloring the pictures.

There are a variety of activities on the worksheets like tracing, coloring, circling, and differentiating the big and small letters. Our tracing worksheet has some clear lines which makes it easy to teach the letters including a line below for letters like g, j, p, q, y.

Be sure to check out our Alphabet minibooks and extra worksheets too, which go with these alphabet printables. You might also want to check out our alphabet videos and kindergarten lessons.

Each letter has a video that goes with the worksheets. You can use the video to teach the sounds of the letter and then have your students seamlessly do the worksheets. Not only are there videos for each letter, but there are interactive videos and interactive games. Using all our resources together, you can create a complete phonics lesson.

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And the best part is, all of it is Free for you to download. We are teachers and we have been ESL teachers for a long time. We feel it’s time to give back. Not only that, with the introduction of Covid, more and more people have moved online. Instead of the disparity between the rich and the poor getting smaller, it has increased. We want to provide our resources for Free so that everyone can benefit, whether you are rich or poor.

Being teachers, we know how difficult it has been since Covid struck. We want to make it easier on teachers. Putting ads on our website allows us to make our resources available to teachers, students and parents for Free. We are more concerned with the education of students than we are with getting rich.

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We want everyone to succeed. Rich or poor, in South East Asia or South America, we think everyone can benefit from the technology that is available. That’s why we have put our teacher approved worksheets on our website and made them available to everyone, for FREE.

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