January 2021

group sort for past participle activity

Past Participle Group Sort Activity

ESL students will enjoy this activity as they sort the Base, Past Simple and Past Participle into their correct groups. (Some places refer to the verb forms as Verb 1, Verb 2 and Verb 3). There are 10 different verbs each with 3 verb forms. So English learners will sort 30 verbs in all.

fill in the blanks for Past Participle activities game

Past Participle Activities – Fill in the blanks

ESL students will learn about verb forms with one of our Past Participle activities. Students will fill in the blanks. There are 3 verb forms: Verb 1/Base, Verb 2/Past Simple, Verb 3/Past Participle. This will challenge students. It will also practice their spelling, grammar, and vocabulary.

Short E Words Airplane Game

Students will love learning about Short E words with this airplane game. It’s an arcade style airplane game. ESL students will fly through the sky hitting clouds with the correct Short E word. It’s fun and interactive.

Short E Words Gameshow

Students will love this Short E Words Gameshow. ESL students will race against the clock. It’s made even more exciting by the bonus round. All the while, English learners will be reading Short E words. We designed this game to be fun and interactive.

short a

Short A Spelling Words

Students can practice their spelling with this Short A Spelling Words activity. ESL learners will drag the colorful letters into the correct order. It’s fun and interactive.

ESL maze game

Short A Word Game

Students will love this Short A Word game. In this arcade style game, ESL students will race through a maze. They will search for Short A words.

Spell Short I Words

Students will look at short I word pictures and then spell the short I words. There are 10 short I words. This activity is great for spelling, vocabulary and phonics.

Short O Listen and Spell

Students can practice their phonics with this Short O listen and spell activity. Firstly, students will listen to 10 short O words. English learners can listen to the word spoken at regular speed and also at a slower speed. Finally, they will spell the word. This activity is great for listening, spelling and phonics.

Plural Nouns Dialog Cards

Students will love the Plural nouns dialog cards. There are 47 interactive slides. Firstly, students will learn the different plural noun rules. Secondly, they will listen to the plurals pressing an audio button. Finally, they can turn the card to see how the word is spelt in the plural form. There are beautiful pictures and …

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