January 2021

Fruit Vocabulary English Memory Game

Students will love this classic memory game to learn Fruit Vocabulary in English. There are six different types of fruit. There is audio as well. This will improve student’s listening and phonics skills as well as expanding their vocabulary.

English Phonics Video Letter V

This Phonics Video all about the letter V is great for kids to learn English. More interactive videos: https://www.sanookenglish.com Early English learners will study the difference between big V and small v. Students will also learn the difference between the letter V and the sound of V. This is an important step on the way …

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Vocabulary for Grade 6

Beautiful pictures will help students understand this vocabulary for Grade 6. Firstly, it is interactive. English learners will have to answer some multiple choice questions. The interactives will keep students engaged. Finally, it’s perfect for Grade 6/Prathom 6 students.

Present Simple English Maze Game

Students will love this Present Simple Maze game which will help them learn English. English learners will decide whether to add -s, -es, -ies, or nothing to the end of verbs.

Learn English Present Simple Interactive Quiz

Students can practice their English skills with this Present Simple Interactive Quiz. English learners must decide whether to add -s, -es, -ies, or nothing at the end of the verb. Students will have to read a sentence to figure out the answer.

Present Simple English Video

Students can watch this Present Simple English Video to learn all about the Present simple tense. English learners will enjoy the drag and drop examples as well. Students will learn about when to add ‘s’ and when not to.

Present Simple English Presentation – Interactive ESL Slideshow

Students can learn about the Present simple tense with this Present Simple English Presentation. It’s an interactive slideshow. Firstly, students will learn the rules of the present simple tense. Then they will apply the rules with interactives. There are interactive drag and drop activities to keep students engaged. Kids will learn and have fun at …

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