Month: January 2021

Vegetable ESL Memory Game

Students will love this Vegetable ESL Memory game. Firstly, English learners will match 6 different types of vegetables. Secondly, they will listen to audio too. Finally, we designed this game to help with reading, spelling, listening and phonics.

Short I Listen and Spell

Students will listen to the short I words and then spell them. There are 10 words. This will help with listening, phonics and spelling.

Weather ESL Slideshow

Students will love this interactive weather ESL slideshow. Firstly, there are multiple choice questions for each type of weather. Secondly, students will complete drag and drop questions. There’s even sound too. And as always, we’ve designed this presentation with beautiful pictures. It’s fun and interactive.

long A words

Long A Vowel – a-e English Phonics

This is a fun, Long A Vowel English phonics video. Students can learn all about a-e Long A words. This animated video is great for kids to learn English. It’s also great for ESL teachers to use as a classroom teaching aid.

world map for seven continents drag and drop activity

Capital Cities ESL Presentation

Students will learn all about Capital Cities with this interactive ESL presentation. Firstly, English learners will look at 10 capital cities from around the world. Next, they will have a 3 answers to choose from. They will have to drag a circle to the correct answer. Another fun and interactive game from Sanook English.

plural animals nouns

Plural Slideshow with Animals

Students will be excited by this plural slideshow with animals. Firstly, students will have to guess what the animal is. The picture is partly hidden. There is a question with choices. Secondly, ESL learners will learn about the plural of the animals. Again, there will have to answer a question with choices. It’s fun and …

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Vegetable Slideshow for ESL Learning

This Vegetable slideshow is for ESL learning. Firstly, students will love the bright pictures. Secondly, English learners will be engaged with the interactives. There are 15 multiple choice questions. Finally, this slideshow is great for learning Vegetable vocabulary. It also helps with reading. Students will have fun and learn at the same time.

world map for seven continents drag and drop activity

Seven Continents Matching Game

Students will love this Seven Continents Matching Game. Everyone loves the classic memory game. English learners will match 6 different pictures of continents. This interactive game is fun. And it can help with the knowledge of continents and landmarks.

world map for seven continents drag and drop activity

Seven Continents Maze Game

Students will love this Seven Continents Maze Game. English learners will have to race through a maze to find the correct answer. There are 10 challenging questions.