Month: March 2021

clothes accessories vocabulary ESL

ESL Clothes and Accessories Vocabulary 2 | 10 Fun Words

This ESL Clothes and Accessories Vocabulary powerpoint presentation is interactive. Firstly, there are 10 different types of clothes. Secondly, each type of clothing has an interactive question. Finally, it’s fun and engaging. It’s suitable for k-12 but most appropriate for grades 1-6.

Interactive ESL Chores Presentation

This Interactive ESL Chores Presentation has multiple choice questions for each chore. ESL students will stay engaged. It is colorful too. Great for home learning, distance learning, online practice and teaching ESL English in the class. Also good to use with a daily routines lesson.

clothes accessories vocabulary ESL

Clothes and Accessories Vocabulary ESL Presentation | 10 Fun Words

This clothes and accessories vocabulary ESL presentation is great for ESL students and teachers. This presentation has some more challenging words. We present clothes like flip-flops, high heels, bracelet and more. There are 10 different types of clothes. Students will learn and have fun at the same time. You can check out more Clothes activities …

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ESL Desserts Presentation

This ESL desserts presentation will ESL students and ESL teachers hungry. We put together an English ESL powerpoint presentation for home learning. It’s also great for online practice, distance learning and English classes to teach about desserts.

Plural Nouns ESL Online Games – Whack the mole

ESL students will have a lot of fun whacking the moles, one of our online games, as they learn about plural nouns. It’s fun and engaging. Early English learners must hit the correct plural. They also race against the clock.

ESL Weather Image Quiz

ESL students will have fun and learn with this Weather Image Quiz. Early ESL English learners will see a slowly revealed image. When they know what it is, they can press the button and choose from 3 answers. Fun and engaging.