40. ESL Activities for Teachers | 400+ FREE Interactives

ESL Activities for teachers sorted by categories like animals, adjectives, phonics, or verb tenses. Check out our many free activities which are perfect for teachers.

Why We Create ESL Activities for Teachers

Firstly, we are teachers so we designed them for teachers. We wanted to make it easy for teachers to find interactive games, warm-ups, and many other fun things. Secondly, students and teachers can try and enjoy the wide variety of interactives. Finally, these activities will keep students engaged. We believe that the more engaged a student is, the more they will learn and the more fun they will have. Happy teaching.

animals ESL activities

Animals ESL Activities | 28 Exciting Interactive Games

days months ESL games

Days Months ESL Games | Days of the Week | Months of the Year | 9 Free Activities

math teacher resources

Math, Numbers and Time Teacher Resources

Practice ESL Test

Practice ESL Tests | Free ESL Test Practice | Grade 6 Activities

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You can check out our YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/SanookEnglishESLActivities

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best apps for online teaching
5 Best Apps for Online Teaching

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