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We will show you a variety of ESL games that we have created at Sanook English. We believe that gamification is important for keeping students interested and engaged. That’s why we create so many different games. Not only that, we design our activities in a variety of ways. We will look at videos, arcade style games, drag and drop activities, matching memory games, and more. Check out the video below to take a peak at some of our online games.

Interactive Presentation

Our presentations are like powerpoint slideshows, but with interactions.

We design our presentations to keep students active and engaged. They are not watching our slideshows passively but are actively involved. We believe this makes for better learning. 

Interactive Presentation

interactive ESL presentation

Memory ESL Games

We created these memory games for our own classes and have shared them because we know they work.

Memory games are great for online learning or in class teaching. We’ve designed these with bright colours and sound enabled. Great for student’s listening and phonics. 

Memory Game

memory game gif

Spelling Activities

Our spelling activities are filled with colours and beautiful pictures.

ESL students must look at the pictures and spell the words. There are immediate results that will show what is correct and where a student has made a mistake. 

Spelling Activities

spelling esl games online

Spelling Games

Our spelling games turn something difficult into something fun.

Our drag and drop games are great for practicing spelling. ESL learners will love the colours and animations. It shows where they have spelled it right or wrong and gives students a chance to immediately correct it. 

Spelling Games

spelling games for esl

Animated Videos

Our animated videos are fun and filled with bright colours.

We designed our videos for young learners (to learn phonics, letters, vocabulary) as well as intermediate and advanced students (to learn grammar like present continuous or possessive adjectives).

Phonics Animated Videos

ESL Videos with Games

We designed videos with games to keep students engaged.

ESL students love guessing games, so we’ve designed a series of videos and turned them into games. Some videos reveal a part of a picture, others have a picture with a timer, while others have a 3 choices for students to choose. 

Transportation Video with Game


Who doesn’t like a wordsearch?

Our wordsearches can be played online, asynchronously or displayed in the class for a fun activity for all the students.

Animal Wordsearch

English wordsearch

Arcade Style ESL Games

We have arcade style games much like Pacman but with English.

ESL students really love our arcade style games. Whether it’s the maze chase game, airplane game, or balloon pop game, students get excited. These are great for online learning, or you can reward students with these fun games in the classroom. 

Color Maze Game

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