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action verbs interactive presentation ppt

Action Verbs ESL Presentation

Interactive Action Verbs ESL Presentation for ESL Teachers

action verbs memory game

Action Verbs ESL Memory Game

Exciting Action Verbs Memory Game for ESL students and teachers

action verbs gameshow quiz

Action Verbs ESL Gameshow Quiz

This fun ESL Gameshow quiz is great to learn action verbs

action verbs video

Action Verbs ESL Video

Interactive Action Verbs ESL Video for ESL Teachers

action verbs interactive video

Action Verbs ESL Interactive Video

Exciting Action Verbs Interactive Video for ESL students and teachers

action verbs maze chase game

Action Verbs ESL Maze Game

This fun ESL Maze Game is great to learn action verbs

action verbs airplane game

Action Verbs ESL Balloon Pop

Interactive Action Verbs ESL Balloon Pop for ESL Teachers

action verbs esl image quiz

Action Verbs ESL Image Quiz

Exciting Action Verbs Image Quiz for ESL students and teachers

What are Action Verbs?

An action verb is a verb that describes an action. Some common examples are run, kick, jump, eat, etc. Action verbs are very common in English and it’s important to use them in the right way and at the right time. Our interactive games can help teachers to reinforce what they have taught when it comes to action verbs. Or teachers can use things like our presentations or videos to help teach action verbs and then use some interactive games like the maze chase game or the gameshow to reinforce what they have taught in a fun way. We designed these action verbs for ESL teachers activities to be fun and engaging.

Action Verbs for ESL Teachers | Examples

Verb – to talk

talk - action verbs for esl teachers
Verb TenseAffirmative (+)Negative (-)Interrogative (?)
Present SimpleI talk
They/We/You talk
He/She/It talks
I don’t talk
They/We/You don’t talk
He/She/It doesn’t talk
Do I talk?
Do they/we/you talk?
Does he/she/it talk?
Present ContinuousI am talking
They/We/You are talking
She/He/It is talking
I’m not talking
They/We/You aren’t talking
She/He/It isn’t talking
Am I talking?
Are they/we/you talking?
Is she/he/it talking?
Past SimpleI talked
They/We/You talked
She/He/It talked
I didn’t talk
They/We/You didn’t talk
She/He/It didn’t talk
Did I talk?
Did they/we/you talk?
Did she/he/it talk?
Verb – to talk

Verb – to sit

sit - action verbs for esl teachers
Verb TenseAffirmative (+)Negative (-)Interrogative (?)
Present SimpleI sit
They/We/You sit
He/She/It sits
I don’t sit
They/We/You don’t sit
He/She/It doesn’t sit
Do I sit?
Do they/we/you sit?
Does he/she/it sit?
Present ContinuousI am sitting
They/We/You are sitting
She/He/It is sitting
I’m not sitting
They/We/You aren’t sitting
She/He/It isn’t sitting
Am I sitting?
Are they/we/you sitting?
Is she/he/it sitting?
Past SimpleI sat
They/We/You sat
She/He/It sat
I didn’t sit
They/We/You didn’t sit
She/He/It didn’t sit
Did I sit?
Did they/we/you sit?
Did she/he/it sit?
Verb – to sit

write -verbs
Verb TenseAffirmative (+)Negative (-)Interrogative (?)
Present SimpleI write
They/We/You write
He/She/It writes
I don’t write
They/We/You don’t write
He/She/It doesn’t write
Do I write?
Do they/we/you write?
Does he/she/it write?
Present ContinuousI am writing
They/We/You are writing
She/He/It is writing
I’m not writing
They/We/You aren’t writing
She/He/It isn’t writing
Am I writing?
Are they/we/you writing?
Is she/he/it writing?
Past SimpleI wrote
They/We/You wrote
She/He/It wrote
I didn’t write
They/We/You didn’t write
She/He/It didn’t write
Did I write?
Did they/we/you write?
Did she/he/it write?
Verb – to write

give - action verb
Verb TenseAffirmative (+)Negative (-)Interrogative (?)
Present SimpleI give
They/We/You give
He/She/It gives
I don’t give
They/We/You don’t give
He/She/It doesn’t give
Do I give?
Do they/we/you give?
Does he/she/it give?
Present ContinuousI am giving
They/We/You are giving
She/He/It is giving
I’m not giving
They/We/You aren’t giving
She/He/It isn’t giving
Am I giving?
Are they/we/you giving?
Is she/he/it giving?
Past SimpleI gave
They/We/You gave
She/He/It gave
I didn’t give
They/We/You didn’t give
She/He/It didn’t give
Did I give?
Did they/we/you give?
Did she/he/it give?
Verb – to give

Verb TenseAffirmative (+)Negative (-)Interrogative (?)
Present SimpleI open
They/We/You open
He/She/It opens
I don’t open
They/We/You don’t open
He/She/It doesn’t open
Do I open?
Do they/we/you open?
Does he/she/it open?
Present ContinuousI am opening
They/We/You are opening
She/He/It is opening
I’m not opening
They/We/You aren’t opening
She/He/It isn’t opening
Am I opening?
Are they/we/you opening?
Is she/he/it opening?
Past SimpleI opened
They/We/You opened
She/He/It opened
I didn’t open
They/We/You didn’t open
She/He/It didn’t open
Did I open?
Did they/we/you open?
Did she/he/it open?
Verb – to open

close - esl action
Verb TenseAffirmative (+)Negative (-)Interrogative (?)
Present SimpleI close
They/We/You close
He/She/It closes
I don’t close
They/We/You don’t close
He/She/It doesn’t close
Do I close ?
Do they/we/you close ?
Does he/she/it close ?
Present ContinuousI am closing
They/We/You are closing
She/He/It is closing
I’m not closing
They/We/You aren’t closing
She/He/It isn’t closing
Am I closing?
Are they/we/you closing?
Is she/he/it closing?
Past SimpleI closed
They/We/You closed
She/He/It closed
I didn’t close
They/We/You didn’t close
She/He/It didn’t close
Did I close?
Did they/we/you close?
Did she/he/it close?
Verb – to close

Verb TenseAffirmative (+)Negative (-)Interrogative (?)
Present SimpleI drink
They/We/You drink
He/She/It drinks
I don’t drink
They/We/You don’t drink
He/She/It doesn’t drink
Do I drink?
Do they/we/you drink?
Does he/she/it drink?
Present ContinuousI am drinking
They/We/You are drinking
She/He/It is drinking
I’m not drinking
They/We/You aren’t drinking
She/He/It isn’t drinking
Am I drinking?
Are they/we/you drinking?
Is she/he/it drinking?
Past SimpleI drank
They/We/You drank
She/He/It drank
I didn’t drink
They/We/You didn’t drink
She/He/It didn’t drink
Did I drink?
Did they/we/you drink?
Did she/he/it drink?
Verb – to drink

Verb TenseAffirmative (+)Negative (-)Interrogative (?)
Present SimpleI eat
They/We/You eat
He/She/It eats
I don’t eat
They/We/You don’t eat
He/She/It doesn’t eat
Do I eat?
Do they/we/you eat?
Does he/she/it eat?
Present ContinuousI am eating
They/We/You are eating
She/He/It is eating
I’m not eating
They/We/You aren’t eating
She/He/It isn’t eating
Am I eating?
Are they/we/you eating?
Is she/he/it eating?
Past SimpleI ate
They/We/You ate
She/He/It ate
I didn’t eat
They/We/You didn’t eat
She/He/It didn’t eat
Did I eat?
Did they/we/you eat?
Did she/he/it eat?
Verb – to eat

Verb TenseAffirmative (+)Negative (-)Interrogative (?)
Present SimpleI smell
They/We/You smell
He/She/It smells
I don’t smell
They/We/You don’t smell
He/She/It doesn’t smell
Do I smell?
Do they/we/you smell?
Does he/she/it smell?
Present ContinuousI am smelling
They/We/You are smelling
She/He/It is smelling
I’m not smelling
They/We/You aren’t smelling
She/He/It isn’t smelling
Am I smelling?
Are they/we/you smelling?
Is she/he/it smelling?
Past SimpleI smelled
They/We/You smelled
She/He/It smelled
I didn’t smell
They/We/You didn’t smell
She/He/It didn’t smell
Did I smell?
Did they/we/you smell?
Did she/he/it smell?
Action verbs for ESL teachers | Verb – to smell

Verb – to drive

drive - action verbs for ESL teachers
Verb TenseAffirmative (+)Negative (-)Interrogative (?)
Present SimpleI drive
They/We/You drive
He/She/It drives
I don’t drive
They/We/You don’t drive
He/She/It doesn’t drive
Do I drive?
Do they/we/you drive?
Does he/she/it drive?
Present ContinuousI am driving
They/We/You are driving
She/He/It is driving
I’m not driving
They/We/You aren’t driving
She/He/It isn’t driving
Am I driving?
Are they/we/you driving?
Is she/he/it driving?
Past SimpleI drove
They/We/You drove
She/He/It drove
I didn’t drive
They/We/You didn’t drive
She/He/It didn’t drive
Did I drive?
Did they/we/you drive?
Did she/he/it drive?
Action verbs for ESL teachers | Verb – to drive

Why we created Action Verbs for ESL Teachers

Firstly, we designed these action verbs resources for English ESL teachers so that they can use them with their students. At Sanook English, we are teachers and we use these videos, games and activities ourselves. We have an every growing variety of interactives. Secondly, these Action verbs for ESL teachers activities can be used for online practice, distance learning, asynchronous learning, home schooling, or for English classroom teaching.

ESL Games | Action Verbs for ESL Teachers

We have included an action verb slideshow presentation much like a PowerPoint presentation but ours is completely interactive. Students will have to select answers as they navigate through the presentation.

We have designed a memory matching game. This is a classic memory game but we have included bright pictures and sounds. It can help with listening and phonics.

We have a gameshow quiz much like “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” It’s a fun game with choices, timers and an exciting bonus round. Students can add their nickname to see if they make it onto the leaderboard.

We have an action verb video that we have turned into a game. Firstly, ESL students will only see part of a zoomed-in picture. If they can guess the action verb with the first picture, that’s awesome. Secondly, they will see the picture zoomed out a bit and students have 3 choices to choose from. Finally, the answer is revealed.

We also have that same action verb video but we have added interactions. Students will watch the video and be engaged by answering questions as they proceed.

We have an arcade style maze chase game much like pacman. It’s a favourite of our students.

Finally, we have an airplane game. It’s also an arcade style game where students fly an airplane trying to avoid the wrong clouds and hit the right clouds.

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