Body Parts ESL Games | 9 Exciting Activities

ESL students and ESL teachers will love all of our Body Parts ESL games. There are 9 exciting interactive games, videos and presentations for teachers to choose from and for ESL learners to enjoy. Check out more below to see all about body parts in English.

body parts crossword

Body Parts Crossword

Body Parts Crossword for ESL students and ESL teachers

body parts maze game

Body Parts Maze Game

Fun Body Parts Maze Chase Game (like Pacman) for ESL learning

body systems crossword

Body Parts Crossword 2

Exciting Body Parts Crossword Part 2 for ESL teachers and students

esl body parts memory game

Body Parts Memory Game

Body Parts Matching Memory for ESL students and ESL teachers

body parts ESL games

Body Parts PPT Presentation

Fun Body Parts PPT Presentation for ESL learning

esl body parts game video

Body Parts Interactive Video

Exciting Body Parts Interactive Video for ESL teachers and students

esl body parts game video

Body Parts Video

Body Parts Video for ESL students and ESL teachers

esl body parts game video

Body Parts Video 2

Fun Body Parts Video Part 2 for ESL learning

esl body parts gameshow

Body Parts Gameshow Quiz

Exciting Body Parts Gameshow Quiz for ESL teachers and students

Body Parts ESL Games

ESL students and teachers should start with the ESL Body Parts Activities Presentation. This has the most common body parts. Below we have listed some of the common body parts.

Body Parts ESL Games | Videos

We also have 2 videos for ESL students to learn all about body parts. These body parts go beyond the common ones mentioned above. These activities are good for beginner to intermediate students. Each video has 10 different body parts. And each video has a game inside. Teachers or parents can make these into fun guessing games if they choose.

In the first video, there are 10 body parts mostly around the face. This game has a point system as well. For each body parts word, there are 4 sections.

1) Students will see a picture with a clue. If they can guess the answer they get 3 points. Look for a flashing 3.

2) A short video will play. If students can guess the answer they still get 3 points. Look for the flashing 3.

3) Students will see 3 choices. If they choose the correct answer they get 2 points. Look for a flashing 2.

4) The answer is revealed. Even if students aren’t correct, they still get 1 point for answering.

*Keep track and see how students did at the end.

The second video has the same structure as the first, except the body parts are located below the shoulders.

There is a fun interactive video that goes with the first video. After students enjoy the first video, you can let them have a try at the Body Parts Interactive video. They will have to click on the answers. It’s fun and engaging.

We have designed 2 body parts crosswords too. Here students will have to look at the meaning of the body part and try to fill the word into the crossword. These are great for intermediate ESL students.

Body Parts ESL Games | Matching Game

There’s a fun memory matching game as well. We have added sound to this game so it’s good practice for listening, phonics and vocabulary.

Body Parts ESL Games | Arcade Style Games

And, of course, we have a few arcade style games which are great for reinforcing what has been taught already. There’s a fun gameshow which is similar to ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire?’. Students will have to answer questions as the time ticks down. Then there is an exciting bonus round where students can get up to 200 points.

We also have a maze chase game which is similar to Pacman. Students always love this game as they race through the maze trying to escape the monsters chasing them.

We find these activities very informative and these games a lot of fun in the classroom or online. At Sanook English, we are teachers and we use these games in our own classes. For teachers, we recommend pausing the videos and letting students choose in teams or groups or however your class is set up. We really like getting students into teams to add a little friendly competition. We hope busy teachers can use our games and videos, and that their students enjoy them.

English for Everyone | Body Parts ESL Games

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