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Colors Games Online. ESL English teachers will love all our resources for students to learn about colors.

advanced color maze game

Advanced Colors Maze Game

Advanced Colors Maze Chase game for ESL teachers and ESL students

advanced colors esl slideshow
Advanced Colors Presentation

Advanced Colors PPT Presentation

An engaging advanced colors PPT presentation for ESL learning

advanced colors whack a mole game

Advanced Colors Whack a Mole Game

Fun advanced colors whack a mole game for ESL teachers

color anagram spelling game

Color Anagram Spelling Game

Color Anagram Spelling game for ESL teachers and ESL students

traffic signs and meanings

Color Vocabulary Airplane Game

An exciting color vocabulary airplane game for ESL learning

advanced color maze game

Colors Maze Game

Fun color vocabulary maze chase game for ESL teachers

Color Matching Game

Color Matching Memory game for ESL teachers and ESL students

color matching game
Advanced Colors Presentation

Color Matching Game 2

Another Color Matching Game 2 for ESL learning

color PPT presentation

Color PPT Presentation

Fun interactive color PPT Presentation for ESL teachers

Fruit Wordsearch

Color Wordsearch

Color Wordseach for ESL teachers and ESL students

Colors Games Online | Basic Colors

Primary Colors

There are 3 primary colors. Primary colors are the source for all other colors. You can’t mix other colors to make primary colors but you can mix primary colors to make all other colors.

colors games online red

Red is one of the 3 primary colors. Strawberries, apples, roses and hearts are red.

Yellow is one of the 3 primary colors. The sun, bananas, bees and the moon are yellow.

Blue is one of the 3 primary colors. Some flowers, the ocean, blue jays and blueberries are blue.

Secondary Colors

Secondary colors are made from mixing two primary colors together.

Green comes from mixing blue and yellow together. Leaves, frogs, chameleons and grass are green.

Orange comes from mixing red and yellow together. Oranges, basketballs, carrots and pumpkins are orange.

Purple (sometimes called violet) comes from mixing red and blue together. Grapes, mangosteens, some butterflies and eggplants are purple.

More basic colors

Pigs, cupcakes, some flowers and flamingos are pink.

Bears, chocolate, monkeys and bread are brown.

Rocks, clouds, elephants and koalas are grey.

Polar bears, swans, sheep and snowmen are white.

Bats, spiders, penguins and the night sky are black.

Colors Games Online | Advanced Colors

Here are a few colors that go beyond the basic colors. These are for more advanced students.



Olive green

Lime green



Navy blue






Colors Games Online

Check out our variety of colors games online. We have 10 different activities for students to do online. These colors games are also great for teachers to use. These games range from beginners to advanced.

Colors PPT Presentation

We have designed an interactive PPT presentation to keep students engaged as they learn about colors. Teachers can also use it in class as a teaching aid or to review the colors. For each color, there will be 3 choices.

Colors Matching Game

This matching memory game is always a hit with students. We have created a matching game, with sound, that is great for teachers to use in class or for students to play online.

Colors Word Search

There’s also a fun word search for students to find the hidden color words.

Color Matching Game Part 2

Each of our matching memory games has 6 colors. This is part 2 and the colors are a little more challenging. Sound is enabled for this color memory game.

Colors Anagram Spelling Game

If your students are ready to practice spelling, this colors anagram game is great. Students will drag and drop the letters into the correct places.

Color Maze Game

We designed a fun maze game for students to practice colors. This game is similar to Pacman. This is always a favorite amongst students.

Color Airplane Game

The airplane game is another fun way for students to learn about colors.

Advanced Colors PPT Presentation

We designed a PPT presentation for more advanced students to learn about more advanced colors.

Advanced Colors Maze Game

There’s even a fun maze game for advanced students to play.

Advanced Colors Whack a Mole Game

The whack a mole game is a great way for students to learn about advanced colors.

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