kindergarten lesson 68

Kindergarten Lesson 68 | Letter Ll | Can – ability | Free PPT, Worksheets


Kindergarten Lesson 68 – Our ‘ESL Classroom Games’ article has 130 different games and activities that are great for warm-ups. You will find spelling games, communication games, acting games and more. Click here.

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Phonics | Kindergarten Lesson 68

Letter Ll

Here’s the second letter Ll worksheet.

Here’s a video that goes with the worksheet. You will learn the sounds of letter Ll, the difference between big L and small l, and vocabulary lion, ladybug and leaf.

Letter Ll video

Content | Kindergarten Lesson 68

Can – for ability

Here’s the second Can worksheet. This is a Free PDF for you to download. It’s a matching worksheet where students must draw a line. There are 5 more verbs used with Can: sit, sing, dance, jump and swim.

A Better Education for Everyone | Kindergarten Lesson 68

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