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Kindergarten Lesson 4 | Letter Aa | Color Green | Free Worksheets


Kindergarten Lesson 4 – You can get all the students to sit in a circle. Circle activities are great for young learners. It brings a warmness to the beginning of the class.

A simple warm-up is to go around and slap the hand of the person next to you. When you slap the hand, that student has to say something (whatever has been introduced). For a very young class, simply saying ‘Hello’ when you slap the hand is good. You can add many varieties to this. Students can say, ‘My name is…’, ‘I am happy/sad/etc.’, ‘I am ___ years old.’, ‘I like…’, and any others you can think of.

Another good warm-up is the music ball game. You need to prepare some music and have a ball (or something the students can pass around). You choose a category like colors or animals and tell the students. Turn around so you can’t see the students and when you play the music, they must pass the ball. Stop the music randomly and whoever has the ball must say a color or whatever category you chose. It’s lots of fun. And there are lots of variations. Students can say a sentence or a question, etc.

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Phonics | Kindergarten Lesson 4

Letter Aa

Here’s a good video to teach the difference between the letter A and the sound of A. Here we use the short A sound.

Here’s a fun Letter A worksheet that goes with the video.

Content | Kindergarten Lesson 4

Color Green

You can use this colors PPT presentation to teach the primary colors and green.

Colors – Primary + Green by Sanook English

Check out the Free book of green worksheet.

Helpful Links | Kindergarten Lesson 4

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