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Kindergarten Lesson 19 | Review Letters SATPIN | Family | Free Worksheets, PPT


Kindergarten Lesson 19 – You can get all the students to sit in a circle. We love starting the lesson sitting in a circle. It brings a warmness to the beginning of the class. Circle activities are great for young ESL students.

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Phonics | Kindergarten Lesson 19

Letters SATPIN

You can watch the videos from previous lessons to review the letters SATPIN.

Here’s a worksheet to review the letters. It’s a Mini book that you can print for each student and make it into a little book. Then you can practice reading with 2 and 3 letter words made from the letters SATPIN. If you can, we recommend sitting down with each student and having them read it for you.

Content | Kindergarten Lesson 19

Family Members

Here’s a PPT presentation to teach the family members. It’s a simple presentation that introduces: mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, cousin. There’s also a family tree at the end that shows the whole family structure.

Family by Sanook English

Here’s a Family worksheet for students to draw their grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, brother or sister.

Helpful Links | Kindergarten Lesson 19

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