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Jobs and Occupations Vocabulary Presentation

Learn all about jobs and occupations with this interactive vocabulary presentation. English ESL students will love it.

Learn jobs and occupations with this interactive vocabulary presentation for ESL kids. Firstly, ESL students will only see part of a picture. If they can guess the jobs and occupations with the first picture, that’s awesome. Secondly, they see the full sized picture and students have 3 choices to choose from. Finally, the answer is revealed.

We find this game a lot of fun in the classroom. At Sanook English, we are teachers and we use these games in our own classes. We hope busy teachers can use our presentations, games and videos, and that their students enjoy them.

This interactive jobs vocabulary presentation for kids is great for online practice, home schooling, distance learning, or English ESL classroom teaching. It’s also perfect for asynchronous learning.

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