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Household Items ESL Vocabulary Video | 10 Fun Things in a House + Bonus Game

ESL teachers and students will love this Household Items ESL Vocabulary guessing game. There are 10 household item vocabulary words.

Household Items ESL vocabulary video

Firstly, students will watch a 10 second video clip. Students must watch it carefully and try to remember where household items are. Secondly, a question is displayed with 3 choices. If you are a teacher in front of the class, this is a good time to pause the video. If you are watching for fun you also might want to pause the video to think of your answer. If you are making this into an interactive video, this is a good time to add your interactive questions. Thirdly, the answer is displayed with the vocabulary word and a picture of the household item. Finally, another short video is played that shows where the household item is.

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