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Feelings and Emotions | 12 Free Feelings Games ESL

Feelings games to learn about Feelings and emotions for ESL teachers and ESL students.

Feelings Games | What are feelings?

Feelings are an emotional state or reaction. If I ask, “How are you feeling?” You can reply, “I’m good,” “I’m happy,” “I’m angry,” or “I’m sleepy.” These are all different feelings or emotions. And there are a lot of feelings. We will look at some popular feelings in English.

feelings games

“I’m good.” You are doing well, better than okay, but less than great.

“I’m good. I passed my math test.”

“I’m great.” You are very good, very well or awesome.

“I’m great. I got perfect on my math test.”

“I’m okay.” “I’m fine.” You are not good and not bad, just average.

“I’m okay. Not great and not bad.”

“I’m not so good.” You are bad or sad.

“I’m not so good. I missed my bus this morning and was late for school.”

“I’m tired.” You are feeling a need to rest or sleep. If you ran a marathon, you would be tired after.

“I’m tired. My car broke down and I had to walk all the way to school.”

“I’m happy.” A feeling of pleasure or enjoyment. You usually smile when you are happy.

“I’m happy. I just found some money on the sidewalk.”

“I’m sad.” You are not happy. Sometimes you cry when you are sad.

“I’m sad. My cat just died.”

“I’m excited.” You are very happy, enthusiastic or eager about something.

“I’m excited. I’ve never been to this new ice cream shop. I can’t wait to eat ice cream.”

“I’m bored.” You are uninterested in someone or something, not excited.

“I’m bored. This math teacher talks too much and it’s not exciting.”

“I’m angry.” You have a strong feeling of being upset or annoyed.

“I’m angry. That big boy is bullying my little brother.”

English for Everyone | Feelings Games

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