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Days Months ESL Games | Days of the Week | Months of the Year | 9 Free Activities

Days Months ESL Games | Check out our Free Days of the week activities and months of the year ESL games.

colors of the days of the week

Colors of the Days of the Week Thailand

months of the year English spelling

Months of the Year English Spelling

Days Months ESL Games | Days of the Week

What are the days of the week? There are 7 days of the week. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Saturdays and Sundays are called weekends while Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays are called weekdays.

Did you know the days of the week were named after planets?

Sunday is named after the ‘sun’. Duh!

Monday is named after the ‘moon’.

Tuesday is named after ‘Mars’.

Wednesday is named after ‘Mercury’.

Thursday is named after ‘Jupiter’.

Friday is named after ‘Venus’.

Saturday is named after ‘Saturn’.

Days Months ESL Games | Months of the Year

There are 12 months in a year: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. Did you know that there used to be only 10 months? The first two months were added at a later time.

January was named after the Janus, ‘the God of beginnings’.

February was named after Februa, a Roman festival.

March was named after Mars, ‘the God of war’.

April comes from the Roman word aprilis, which means ‘to open’, like what the flowers do in spring.

May was named after Maiesta, ‘the Goddess of honor’.

June was named after Juno, the Goddess and protector.

July was named after Julius Caesar, the Roman general and statesman.

August was named after Augustus Caesar, the first Roman emperor.

September was named after Septum, which means seven. (Originally, when there were 10 months, this made sense).

October was named after Octo, which means eight.

November was named after Novem, which means nine.

December was named after Decem, which means ten.

Days Months ESL Games | How many days are there in each month?

January is the first month. There are 31 days in January.

February is the second month. There 28 or 29 days in February. Valentine’s day is on February 14th.

March is the third month. There are 31 days in March. St. Patrick’s day is in March.

April is the fourth month. There are 30 days in April. Easter and Songkran (Thai) are in April.

May is the fifth month. There are 31 days in May.

June is the sixth month. There are 30 days in June.

July is the seventh month. There are 31 days in July.

August is the eighth month. There are 31 days in August.

September is the ninth month. There are 30 days in September.

October is the tenth month. There are 31 days in October. Halloween is in October.

November is the eleventh month. There are 30 days in November.

December is the twelfth month. There are 31 days in December. Christmas is in December.

Days Months ESL Games | English Activities

Colors of the Days of the Week in Thailand

You can learn all about the days of the week and the different colors that go with each day in Thailand. This is an interactive PPT presentation where you have to guess what day goes with each color.

Days of the Week Spelling

You can practice spelling the days of the week with this interactive slideshow. There are hints as well for the different days.

Days of the Week Matching Game

This matching memory game is great to learn about the days. It has sound enabled as well so it’s great for listening, spelling and vocabulary.

Days of the Week Hangman Game

You can practice your spelling with this fun hangman game. You can add a nickname to see if you can get on the leaderboard.

Days of the Week Word Search

You can try your luck finding the days of the week hidden in this word search. Students always love a fun word search.

Months of the Year PPT Presentation

There are 26 slides in this interactive PPT presentation. For each month, you will have to answer two questions: 1) What is the first/second/etc. month? 2) How many days are there in January/February/etc.?

Months of the Year Memory Game

You will have fun learning the months of the year with this matching memory game. There are two different matching memory games, each with 6 months. Sound is enabled for this game as well.

Months of the Year Spelling

You will have fun practicing your spelling with this months of the year spelling activity. There are hints for the different months too.

English for Everyone | Days Months ESL Games

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