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Clothes Vocabulary Exercise Video | It’s a vs They are | ESL Fun

This clothes vocabulary exercise video is great for beginner or intermediate ESL students. Students often have a hard time deciding when to use ‘a’ or not when talking about clothes. This video can help. There are 10 simple questions and students must choose between ‘It’s a…’ or ‘They are…’ As in: ‘It’s a shoes.’ or ‘They are shoes.’

Clothes Vocabulary Exercise Video

How to use Clothes Vocabulary Exercise Video

Look at the clothes vocabulary and choose the singular or plural form. Firstly, students will have 2 choices, It’s a… or They are… Here’s an example: It’s a shoes. or They are shoes. Students have to choose their answer. Finally the correct answer appears. The green answer is correct and the red answer is wrong. It’s a short and easy game but it’s great for ESL students to learn when to use ‘a’ or not.

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