clothes vocabulary guessing game

Clothes Vocabulary Guessing Game Video

English ESL teachers and students will love this clothes vocabulary guessing game video. Great for beginners or intermediate students to review clothes vocabulary.

Clothes Vocabulary Guessing Game video

This is a fun guessing game with 10 clothes vocabulary words. Firstly, students will see part of a zoomed in picture. If they can guess the type of clothes, that’s awesome. Secondly, the picture will zoom out a bit and students can choose from 3 choices. Thirdly, a video plays as students choose their answer. Finally, the answer is revealed. We find this game a lot of fun in the classroom.

Ways to play clothes vocabulary guessing game

At Sanook English, we are teachers and we use these games in our own classes. For teachers, we recommend pausing this video and letting students choose in teams or groups or however your class is set up. We hope busy teachers can use our games and videos, and that their students enjoy them. One way to play is to have a point structure. Pause the video after the first picture and let students choose. If they get it correct, 3 points. Then move to the next slide with the choices and if they get that correct, 2 points. Even if they get it wrong, 1 point.

This Clothes Vocabulary ESL guessing game for kids is great for online practice, home schooling, distance learning, or English ESL classroom teaching. It’s also perfect for asynchronous learning or even making this into an interactive video. It’s great to use this video with something like Nearpod or H5P where it can be made more interactive.

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