May 2021

esl food powerpoint presentation

Dinner Food Vocabulary for Teachers

ESL teachers can teach students many different types of food with this Dinner Food Vocabulary presentation. There are many beautiful pictures of food for ESL learners to enjoy. There are also 12 questions to go along with the food vocabulary, which will keep students engaged.

esl food powerpoint presentation

Breakfast Food Slideshow for Teachers

First, this slideshow is for ESL teachers to teach Breakfast Food. Then, ESL students have to answer 12 multiple choice questions. Next, ESL students will learn about breakfast food vocabulary. Finally, fun pictures and interactive questions will engage beginner and intermediate students.

esl food powerpoint presentation

Lunch Food Slideshow for Teachers

ESL teachers can teach students to learn 12 different foods with this Lunch Food Slideshow. Each slide contains a beautiful picture introducing the vocabulary. There are 12 interactive questions. The interactive questions will engage students. The questions will take them from passive learning to active learning.

esl food powerpoint presentation

Food Vocabulary Slideshow for Teachers

ESL teachers can teach or review 10 different foods with this food vocabulary slideshow. There’s fast food and even some desserts. Great for beginner English learners. It’s also good for ESL teachers to use to teach or review food items.

esl feelings match game

Advanced Feelings Match Definitions Game for Teachers

In this game, teachers will like how advanced ESL students will have to match the feelings with the correct definitions. Students can add a nickname (not real name) to check on the leaderboard. This fun game has the definitions come out on a conveyor belt.

esl feelings presentation

Feelings Memory Game 2 for Teachers

ESL teachers will love part 2 of this feelings and emotions memory game. First, we designed this with audio. Secondly, there are nice pictures. Finally, it’s great for listening, vocabulary and phonics.