November 2020

Color Wordsearch for English Learning

Students will love this color wordsearch for English learning as they try to find the hidden words. Great for beginners and intermediate ESL learners. English teachers can use this too as a teaching aid. Great for students to practice their spelling of colors and have fun with this interactive game at the same time.

Color Drag and Drop Activity

Students can practice their knowledge of colors with this color drag and drop activity. Great for English learning beginners or intermediate ESL students. Students must read a sentence to figure out what color it is. Also great for ESL teachers to use as a teaching aid. Or it’s great for Thai students that are getting …

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Possessives video

In this possessives video, students will learn about: my, her, his, its, your, their, our. It’s a fun, animated video for English learners. Great for students in Thailand who are practicing for their O-Net English tests. Also great for ESL teachers and English learners everywhere.

color for English learning

Color – Listen and Spell

A native English speaker will say a color, students must listen and spell it. The students can listen to the color in regular speed or a slow version. There are 10 colors. This is great for beginner and intermediate students. Great for Thai students that are getting ready for the P6 O-Net English test or …

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van gogh The Starry Night interactive game

The Starry Night Interactive Game

Check out Van Gogh’s The Starry Night interactive game for Learning English. Students must read the paragraph about Van Gogh’s famous painting and drag the correct words to fill in the blanks.

color for English learning

Interactive Color Slideshow

Check out this interactive color slideshow that’s great for English learning. Firstly, for each color students are presented with a multiple choice question. Then they must choose the correct color. Finally, each answer contains a full sentence. This interactive color slideshow is perfect for beginner English learners or intermediate ESL students.